Lorna James-Rodriguez

“It’s always tea time somewhere! follow me as I travel around sharing my tea philosophy with the world one cup at a time.”

The owner Lorna James-Rodriguez (aka Lorna the Brit) is currently a Connecticut resident. Her love of tea and its many benefits  led her to start her company Tea time with Lorna, LLC.

Lorna was born in London England and moved to the USA as a young adults. She grew up loving tea, hanging out with her friends and sharing quality time with them over a good cuppa tea.  Tea time was born out of that same love of getting to know people, talking, laughing, having fun, drinking tea and making memories.

About the Business

Tea time with Lorna is also a specialty tea company located Connecticut that specializing in provide a unique tea experience which includes the TV show, website, specialty tea, assessors, tea events and themed parties.

About the TV Show

Tea Time with Lorna the TV Show is all about tea, talk reviews and interviews as Lorna travels the world sharing her passion one cup at a time.

Our Mission

The mission of Tea Time With Lorna is to create and promote a healthy tea lifestyle through education, socializing and promoting tea to attain a balance fun-filled enriched life.